Kalives, Apokoronas, Chania, Greece

Many years of experience, the knowledge and the trust of our customers and partners over the years, made our presence in mainland of Greece, essential. Thus, we opened our store in Athens in 2019.

We continue to offer our services with the same momentum and strength, serving our main goal to serve our customers’ needs and demand, in an effective way to preserve their interest and profits.

  • Real Estate Services

    • Purchases, sales, rentals of houses, plots, businesses and business properties
    • Issuance of building permits and topographical
    • Supervising of building process
    • Direct lending
    • Inheritance and tax settlements
    • Land registry research
    • Sales & Renovation of traditional houses
    • Real estate management
  • Private KEP

    • Handle and settle cases with the Public sector
    • Handle and settle cases with the Public sector Private Sector (upon consultation with 3rd party)

    Financial Services

    • Transfer money abroad via MoneyGram network
    • Paying bills to private and public sector through Argo Change network
    • Money transfer to bank accounts within Greece through Argo Change network

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  • Real Estate Appraisals

    • For selling or purchasing a property
    • To issue a loan
    • For inherited or judicial settlements
    • For insurance arrangements and indemnities
    • To determine the investment property value
  • Ιnvestment services

    • Business consulting
    • Loan services
    • Business market research
    • Investments' research
    • Participation in financing programs